Deconstructions were made by Jan Lauwers using disused museum material. These museum installations have already been shown at BOZAR (Brussels) and the haus der kunst (Munich) in 2007. They formed the setting for a six-hour marathon performance by the NC ensemble on which the whole of Jan Lauwers’ mental world converged.

"The biggest difference between work in the theatre and in the plastic arts is the use of the observer’s time. In the theatre it is the maker that determines the time given to observe an image, whereas in a work of art it is the observer himself. I make use of the concept of the border image in my theatre work. This is an image which, as a result of my prolonging the normal duration of observation, has the time to penetrate the observer’s brain. It then makes history in the observer’s mind. It becomes a memory. At this point the distinction between a border image (in the theatre) and a visual work ceases to exist. If art does not penetrate the observer’s memory it does not exist.

In my work with Needcompany I am always experimenting with time. For instance, I create museum installations (deconstructions) in which we put on performances lasting a whole day, and the observer decides for himself how long he wants to watch a particular action. The place (in this case a museum) and the action (theatre) are deconstructed by the subjectivity of the time involved in observing. So these deconstructions are the essential bridge between the two media I work in."

Jan Lauwers

On the 3rd and 4th of March 2007 there was Deconstruction, in which the company celebrated its 20th anniversary in a walk-in installation in the Horta Hall of the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR, Brussels), designed specially for the occasion by Lauwers/Lemm&Barkey. The NC performers completely took over the Horta Hall for two days.
You can also watch the trailer here.

Specially for the haus der kunst and SPIELART, the visual artist Jan Lauwers created an installation that combines as completely as possible the whole of his mental world.
After more than 20 years of exploring the media of art, dance, theatre, literature, music and film, Lauwers was putting it all together in a 6-hour marathon performance – a walk-in installation – by the permanent members of Needcompany.