There are several aspects to Needcompany’s educational activities:


One of the highlights of our educational work and work for the young is the book of essays entitled No beauty for me there where human life is rare. On Jan Lauwers’ theatre work with Needcompany. This academic work (published by Academia Press, Ghent University) makes it possible to convey something of the transient medium that is theatre. The distribution of this material to colleges in Belgium and abroad gives rise to a shared basis of ideas.

The scripts by Jan Lauwers have already been published by Actes Sud Papiers (F), Fischer Verlage (D) and Bebuquin (B). A Dutch edition of the collected plays of Jan Lauwers will be published by Uitgeverij Van Halewyck in November 2010. In 2006, Jan Lauwers received the Flemish Community Culture Prize in the dramatic literature category.

Needcompany has commissioned work from writers on several occasions. In addition to Jan Lauwers they include Tom Jansen, Chuck Mee, Josse De Pauw and Anneke Bonnema.