Whereas nature aspires to chaos, art was invented to find a certain balance in that chaos. Art, after war and cannibalism, is the most hysterical expression of civilisation. Beauty is an aspiration. Ugliness a lack of thought. Anything we do not want to share is worthless. We show images that do not explain themselves and are made by a group of people who do something that other groups of people are unable to do. We never know what the final result will or should be. We call it an endless celebration for tomorrow.

- Jan Lauwers

Just for... is the first chance to see work by Needcompany and its associated artists that has never previously been shown.

In 2014 Needcompany brings Just for Venice on 9 August, Just for Bozen | Bolzano (a collaboration between Transart and the Vereinigte Bühnen Bozen (VBB)) on 10 September and Just for Sarajevo on 12 October.

In April 2007 Needcompany presented Just for Brussels in the Centre for Fine Arts (PSK), in December 2006 there was Just for Toulouse in Théâtre Garonne.