In the wondrous world of Needcompany anything is possible.
Anything? Yes, anything!
Don’t you believe it then?
Your eyes see what they see, don’t they?
The bear who runs a launderette,
the fish wearing a bra,
an ironing-board in a bad mood,
that’s not so odd, is it?
And they all dance with each other
in every possible colour: it’s true!
I think you ought to come and watch
then you’ll see it happen!

Lemm&Barkey are making a wordless dance performance for all ages.

Grace Ellen Barkey

Visual concept

Created with & performed by
Benoît Gob, Sung-Im Her, Maarten Seghers, Mohamed Toukabri, Catherine Travelletti

Installation & costume design
Lot Lemm


Rombout Willems and Maarten Seghers

A Needcompany Production. With the cooperation of BRONKS (Brussels).

9 November, EXPORT/IMPORT festival, BRONKS, Brussels

With the support of the Flemish authorities.