In 2007, the choice Maarten Seghers and Jan Lauwers made, of sharing the role of fool in the shape of the OHNO COOPERATION, inspired them to make an intense video portrait lasting 17 min. 46 sec., called THE OHNO COOPERATION CONVERSATION ON THE O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O. ONTOLOGY. Their aim in this video portrait was to emphasise the role of the artist and the artwork in society. In the video Maarten Seghers and Jan Lauwers hold a conversation about art and theatre. They live in an army tent and manifest themselves wherever necessary to ask questions through theatre, music and art. Their motif is ‘nothing is certain and everything is different’. A conversation between two generations, about whether to explain an artwork or not, which seeks tenderness through incomprehension.

With: Maarten Seghers and Jan Lauwers
Camera: Bart Baele
Production: Needcompany
Commissioned by SPIELART 2007(Munich)