OHNO COOPERATION is a Needcompany splinter group. Maarten Seghers and Jan Lauwers take the role of the jester very seriously. The jester who was allowed to say whatever he liked to the king without fear of punishment.

OHNO COOPERATION embodies the collaboration between Maarten Seghers and Jan Lauwers. Up to now this has taken the form of examining, thinking about and making music, visual work and performances: The Grenoble Tapes (2006), O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O. (2006), So man, (2007) andThe OHNO Cooperation Conversation On The O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O. Ontology (2007). They were combined in an OHNO cooperation evening (2008).

Variations on the installations and performances have already been shown separately at SPIELART in Munich (2007), Temps d’Images (Ferme du Buisson, 2006) and elsewhere. The installations and performances were first shown together as an OHNO cooperation evening at künstlerhaus mousontum (Frankfurt).

Jan Lauwers: ‘This is the smallest Needcompany project, but for me it is just as essential as such major projects as the Sad Face | Happy Face trilogy. The OHNO actions give my brains a good scrub.’

an OHNO cooperation evening
the tragedy of the applause

installations and performances

1/ So man,

2/ O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O.
(walk-in installation/performance)

3/ The OHNO Cooperation Conversation On The O.H.N.O.P.O.P.I.C.O.N.O. Ontology