Nicolas Field

Born in London Hounslow in 1975, Nicolas Field arrives in Switzerland at age 6 and grows up between Basel and Geneva. He starts playing the drums at 12 and starts discovering over the years the massive potential of the instrument. Aged 20, he moves to The Netherlands to study drums and percussion at the Amsterdam Conservatorium (1996-2002) and sonology at The Hague Conservatorium. He has among others Joel Ryan as a teacher and starts experimenting, during those years, multiple musical techniques with a permanent urge to create new soundscapes and sound masses with drums and or electronics.

Since early 2000, he starts travelling through Europe as a drummer with different bands (improvised music, contemporary music and jazz). Over time and tours, Nicolas Field collaborates with musicians such as Tetuzi Akyama (guitar), Anders Hana (guitar), Akira Sakata (saxophone), John Hegre (guitar), Otomo Yoshihide (guitar), Keiji Haino (guitar), the band Cactus Truck, Didi Bruckmayr (vocals), Jacques Demierre (piano), Fritz Welch (drums/vocals) as well as the Rova Saxophone 4tet. His musical projects include or have included “Buttercup Metal Polish” with drummer percussionist Alexandre Babel, “Le Doigt de Gallilée” with Jaime Fennelly, “Phô” with Bjørnar Habbestad and Morten J. Olsen, “Cask Strength” with electronicist Jeff Carey, “Aethenor”, “The Same Girl” with Gilles Aubry, a duo with saxophonist Keir Neuringer and his own solo project “Dovetailed”… He also is a founding member of the “n-collective”. 

In parallel, since 2008, Nicolas Field started building his first visual art works, taking the shape of sound installations. 

Finally, since 2006, Nicolas Field has been working for dance and theater. In 2014, he works on a new production with Needcompany and Maison DahlBonnema “Rhythm conference feat. InnerSplits”. 

He has received multiple awards and was artist in residence at the Swiss Institute in Rome in 2010-11, AirAntwerpen 2011 and Johannesburg South-Africa 2015.‚Äč