Jan Lauwers (Antwerp, 1957) is an artist who works in just about every medium. Over the last twenty years he has become best known for his pioneering work for the stage with Needcompany, which was founded in Brussels in 1986. Over the years he has also built up a substantial body of art work that has an independent existence under the name of Afang.

Deconstructions are composed of elements from Jan Lauwers’ art work. The House of Our Fathers developed out of the Deconstructions. The Needcompany ensemble performs 4- to 8-hours in these museum installations.

Grimbergen 2002 (2002)
Dark (2006)
Restlessness (2007)
Artbrussels (2007)
Down to Earth (2009)
Curated by_Vienna (2009)

March 3rd 2007, Bozar, Brussels
November 17th 2007, Haus der Kunst, Munich

The House of Our Fathers
June 3rd 2011, National Theatre, Mannheim
November 3rd 2011, STUK kunstencentrum, Leuven
June 14th 2013, Kunstfestspiele Herrenhause, Hannover
May 20th 2016, McaM, Shanghai

Silent Stories
April 1st 2017, Bozar, Brussels